FUNimation Acquires Significant Stake in GameSamba    
July 11, 2012

GameSamba, online game developer and publisher, announced today at San Diego Comic-Con that FUNimation Entertainment has bought the majority of the recently closed Series B funding raised for GameSamba with the result that funimation, along with its board and president Gen Fukunaga, now owns a majority stake in GameSamba. The companies announced a strategic alliance in July 2011, and Fukunaga was named as GameSamba's first Chairman in October.

"Since forming our strategic alliance last year, it has become abundantly clear the similarity of our goals of delivering high-quality entertainment," said Fukunaga. "This move allows us to better share resources and leverage the combined talents of both companies."

"Many of our games have their roots in anime," commented Scott Wong, president and CEO of GameSamba. "As the audiences for both online gaming expand, we're seeing a great deal of crossover affinity and exciting opportunities for promotion and marketing."